3D Embroidered Floral Cosy Cushion Pattern

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Create a stylish pillow with an abstract floral pattern using this 3D embroidery technique.

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Rico Essentials Mega Wool Chunky wool/acrylic, various colours * 2x soft cotton fabric (Monk’s cloth), 48cm x 48cm, 46 stitches to 10cm * Rico 5mm punch needle (for thicker yarn) * Needle and 4 threads of stranded cotton * Cushion pad, 40cm x 40cm * Textile glue * Punch needle frame, non-slip * Tapestry needle * Fabric pencil

Download Template – 9-Punch-Needle-Cushion  

  1. Insert the fabric into an appropriately sized frame. Transfer pattern onto the fabric. The template is mirror-inverted and is drawn onto the reverse side of the fabric. Turn frame and trace the stalks onto the front side.
  2. Embroider the stalks in satin stitch first, using setting D (shortest) on Rico’s punch needle, which is adjustable to four different lengths of stitches for longer or shorter loops.
  3. Turn the frame again and embroider blossoms and leaves on the reverse side, using the levels A, B, C and D.
  4. Turn the embroidered design onto the front side and finish with satin stitch (using setting D).
  5. To ensure the loops stay in the correct place, fix the reverse side using textile glue. You can also weave in and fasten off the start and end tails with a tapestry needle. When the glue is dry, sew the cushion together by hand using backstitch and the stranded cotton.

TOP TIPS * This easy-to-learn technique uses a hollow punch needle to pierce yarn through cloth, which leaves a loop of thread on the other side when you pull the needle back out of the fabric. You can punch long loops for a fluffy effect or smooth, flat titches *Be sure to know which is the ‘right’ side (that will be on display) of your fabric. If you want big loops on the right side, turn yur work over and punch stitches from the wrong side. If you’d prefer flat smooth stitches, punch from the right side instead.

You can combine the two effects by turning your work as necessary * Rico’s Monk’s cloth is well suited to punch needle projects – it is a soft and loose woven cotton fabric with a panama weave *Tighten the frame with a screwdriver so that the fabric holds in place and stays tout. The tighter it is, the easier it is to punch!

Download Template – 9-Punch-Needle-Cushion  

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