Survived brain tumor surgery, got broken up by an Cold-Hearted bf


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On December 16,2020 I had brain surgery for a tumor. Because of complications, I developed ataxia on the left side, facial paralysis, was disabled and on a wheel chair for a month, and loss of hearing on my left ear. My mental health was not good throughout this experience, and because of COVID-19, I was unable to have any visitors while I was recovering.

It was very difficult and straining on me, both physically and mentally. But eventually, I was moved to rehab and was able to finally see my family and ex. Now, in the beginning, my ex was very understanding and patient with me and I was very grateful to him for it. But he wanted “se.xual favors” and because how surgery left me and the trauma from it, I didn’t want to. I talked with him about it and thought he understood, but I found out he was cheating on me because “he needed s.ex” and went looking for it elsewhere.

He then broke up with me because I was “too depressing and poor” (since I lost my job) for him, so he couldn’t be with me. I was very upset because he did that to me at a very difficult time, but I was able to lift myself up and move on. Now, months later, I’m stronger and better than I was before and now he’s begging for me to take him back and that it was a mistake on his part. But I am truly happy. I didn’t let him knock me down, I continued with rehabilitation and didn’t give up no matter how hard it was, and even found someone who absolutely cares for me and treats me way better than my ex ever did. Overall, 2020/2021 was very difficult for me, but as the saying goes, “as one door closes, another opens”.

And now on 2022, I feel like my life is finally moving forward for the better. Thank you for listening and I hope everything goes well/gets better for you too. Good bless Tldr; struggled after brain surgery, ex cheats then dumps me, I get better, he comes begging for me back, love my life better without him.

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