People are Using Their Free Time To Crochet Tiny Couches For Their Cats

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While most people turn to Netflix and Disney+ during the lockdown, some people use their time to pursue hobbies or try out new craft projects. Turns out, you can do quite a lot with some yarn and plenty of imagination! If you like crocheting or cats (or both!), this might be just the list for you!

Crocheting communities, like that on Reddit, love sharing their crafts as well as the ideas and patterns they use and sometimes certain items are picked up by more people and become a trend. Crochet cat couch is, arguably, the best crochet trend since crochet life-size skeleton.  While photos of the adorable mini crochet couches started gaining attention in recent months, apparently, the idea has been around for quite a while with one entry on the list dating back all the way to 2009.

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