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Do you have dark spots and ingrown hair causing that dreaded skin condition strawberry leg or chicken legs? Here are our tips on how to prevent and treat it! This skin condition is basically a funny name for dark bumps or spots where your hair follicle is.

Although it’s not really a health threat, it might not feel super attractive and can cause women to be embarrassed of their bare legs! Although these spots are generally called strawberry legs they can be caused due to many different reasons such as clogged and enlarged pores, ingrown hair due to improper shaving or bacterial infection.

If you’re someone who shaves, make sure to always use a clean, sharp razor! Instead of using soap to shave, splurge on some shaving cream and your skin will thank you. You can even use aloe vera gel as a substitute for shaving cream for a kick of hydration but remember to never dry shave as it will
cause irritation and dryness.

Instead of shaving, use a hair removal method that pulls the hair out from the root-like waxing or epilating instead. If done correctly, these will prevent an excess of ingrown hair. HOW TO GET RID OF STRAWBERRY LEGS IN ONE DAY Video:


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