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We all have old things laying around in our house but we struggle to get rid of them. Sometimes these things have very sentimental value for us so instead of clearing out our spaces we choose to hoard them instead. So, in this video, we found the perfect solution for you. We show you cool ways to repurpose your old items into completely new ones and find new better uses for them.

If you have an old grocery canvas bag laying around that you have no particular use for it, we show you a cool way to sew it and adjust it in order to turn it into a beautiful makeup display bag. Simply cut it from the sides just as we demonstrate in the video and then sew it in as many compartments as you like. Keep the handles as they are so that you’ll be able to hang it and then sew some ribbons around the compartments you just created to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

If you love art and design and you are looking for amazing ways to decorate your bullet journal using beautiful watercolor effects follow our little art trick. Take a reusable bag and using a few colored markers draw on it just as we demonstrate in the video. Then spray some water on it and then stick it upside down on a piece of watercolor paper. Press it down in order to distribute the marker paint everywhere and then remove. After it is completely dry take your brush pen and write your little message or quote that you’d like to keep in your bullet journal.

If you have an old pair of jeans that you’d like to turn into an amazing masterpiece, we show you the perfect way to do it. Take your jeans and cut the back pockets off. Then take two squared pieces of lace and place them at the place where the pockets you just cut were, sew them in place and voila. This way you can re-use old jeans and turn them into new fashionable items.

If you love wearing those fluffy sleeper socks at home but they are too slippery, we show you a cool way to improve them by making them anti-slippery. Take some hot glue wiggle some at the bottom of the socks, then let them dry and voila. This way you won’t have to worry that you might slip on the floor while wearing them. Watch our whole video to find many different ways to re-use old items that you will absolutely love since you’ll be able to create brand new useful items out of old one


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