How to Decompress Your FULL BACK for Instant Pain Relief

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Hi there, in this video tutorial i’m going to share with you my personal favorite spinal decompression exercises that are going to target pretty much everything from the base of the neck all the way down to the tailbone they’re safe effective, and can be done at home and the other great part is they’re not going to require any special pieces of equipment you may find that this gives you quick instant pain relief in the back in as little as 30 seconds (VIDEO TUTORIAL AT THE END OF POST)

So let’s get started with it and decompress the lower back middle back and upper back right now all of these decompression traction stretches and exercises are going to focus on the full spine or the full-back but I know that people are going to have a little bit more going on in one certain area of the back so let’s put an emphasis on those spots let’s work from the upper back (VIDEO TUTORIAL AT THE END OF POST)

And then go into the middle back to the lower back the first one is going to be for the more of the neck and the upper back i’m going to be using an elevated flat surface for this you can use the edge of a bed a chair or a desk i’m also going to be using a towel for this just a hand drying towel if you don’t have one i’ll show you how to do it without a towel i’m going to start off on the knee so put a pillow or a towel underneath (VIDEO TUTORIAL AT THE END OF POST)

The first part let me show you how to do this decompression stretch without a towel if you feel the back of your head right here you’re going to find at the base of the skull two large bumps that is our contact point for that i’m going to take this part of the palm just the nice meaty portion and cup those spots and put my hands around my ears so watch how i do this i cup around the ear and then put that

Palm right over those two spots i’m going to bend the elbows like this and then i’m going to go into kind of like a yoga pose known as the child’s pose i’m putting the back of my arms on that elevated flat surface and then i’m going to anchor my upper body weight just like this the movement is simple i’m going to basically start to lower my butt down towards my heels

while my palms right here lift up towards the ceiling and when you do this you’re going to feel a great stretch a decompression stretch into the neck that works its way into the upper back the more that you lower your butt down your heels you’re going to start to feel it throughout your back possibly all the way down to the tailbone go down as far as you feel comfortable once you feel a great stretch hold this for up to 15 seconds you’re just going to relax

from there take a breather and then repeat and when you repeat try to take your butt down towards the heels just a little bit further to make sure that you get that extra stretch do this five complete times how i like to do this one with the towel because i think you get a better stretch is to take the towel put it around the base of the neck and then pretty much do the same thing but you’re just going to take the ends right here and what you’re going to do from there is pull almost at an angle like a 45 degree angle while you then lower your butt down i feel that this stretch is just a little bit stronger and it’s easier to control obviously i think it’s also a little bit more comfortable but give them both a try and go with the one that you feel works better for you

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