I crochet the $300 chunky sweater of your dreams – Dreamlike Chunky Crochet Cardigan Tutorial

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This sweater is inspired by the Irish brand hope macaulay and i am in no means trying to take credit or plagiarize i simply loved and was really inspired by her design so i thought i would take on this challenge and have my broke ass recreate their trendy chunky 300 sweaters while adding my own touch to it with absolutely no pattern or guidance whatsoever which is why my level of quality is nowhere close to theirs and though i could have taken the time to find a basic sweater pattern as a guide my brain didn’t comprehend that as a possibility until after finishing this. So this is me basically winging the entire thing based off of my previous crochet experience

but lucky for you i wasn’t going to hide away my mistakes so i’ll be pointing out what mistakes i made along the way and what i could have done better instead so if i haven’t scared you away already let’s dive in let’s start with materials shall we the yarn i chose to use was the super bulky size 6 yarn by the brand loops and thread known as lush alpaca it’s a mix of acrylic and yes actual alpaca wool and it’s super soft and not rough and

itchy whatsoever this here is the light green color but i also use the lavender yellow and pink colors to go along with hope mccauley’s color palette i then used a thick n-15 10 millimeter crochet hook and kept a darning needle handy as well and sweater design i was going for also had three large sparkly buttons and i was lucky enough to find some ironically similar ones from jonah’s and last but not least i had a pair of scissors and measuring tape as well

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