Garlic Mozzarella Cheese Bread Recipe

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Hey hey everyonee! Here comes the freshly baked garlic bread for y’all and it’s super easy to make 🙂 Today I’ll be making garlic bread with a cheesy twist. It’s super soft and delicious :).  Firstly I’ll use 220g of bread flour, 4g of dried yeast and 40g of sugar, Next is ¼ tsp of salt. Also crack in your unborn chicken, preventing it from ever having a happy life 🙁 But it’s fine because it’ll have a lovely life in your belly 🙂 Lastly is 100ml of unsweetened milk. And then start mixing the dough

If you have a bread mixer it’d take about 15-20min. If you don’t just get off your butt and knead it yourself :)) Because this bread will be super duper soft, the dough will be quite wet. So remember to sprinkle some flour onto your counter and hands before touching the dough Since the dough is quite wet, it takes less time to knead. Knead it for about 15min and until you can stretch out a thin layer of dough (it doesn’t need to be too thin)Now put in 30g of unsalted butter in the middle of the dough and continue kneading for 5-10min. For this part, you can knead it like you’re in love with doing laundry by hand. If we just ignore your actual stinky clothes pile :))

Putting the butter in when the dough is almost done avoids the fat seperating from the dough. Knead it until you can stretch out a thin layer of dough like this. After that, knead it into a ball and leave it to rise for 45-60min. Place it in an oven (turned off) and also put a boiling bowl of water in there. For this type of bread, I’ll press down the dough a bit before leaving it to rise. Also place it onto parchment paper on your baking tray for the baking later.

Now I’ll start making the garlic butter to brush on the dough. Put in 2tbsp of green onions, 1 tsp of minced garlic. 20g of room-temp unsalted butter, 1 egg yolk and 5g of sugar. And then just mix it all up 🙂 Super easy, right? The dough after resting will rise twice as much. Press down on the dough to get the air in the dough out and then mould it into a circle 25-28cm in diameter And don’t make it too thin, you need that dough to put some cheese in the middle. Next, I’ll get a bread knife which is thin and sharp, kinda like a boxcutter. And remember to rub your knife with butter so it cuts through smoothly. Whether to cut it into bigger squares or smaller squares is up to you. Remember to cut it a bit deeply to prevent the cheese from leaking out.

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After that, brush on the butter garlic consistency from earlier. You can use a spoon to deepen and widen the cuts for more space for the cheese. I’ll use the cheese that’ll stretch and leave strings when melted. I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese of all kinds :))) How much cheese you put in is up to you. But remember not to put too much cheese in there or it will leak out. Atrocious, I know. There is nothing that is too much cheese :)) Also push the cheese down deeper when you’re putting the cheese in there

Because this whole process of garlic butter brushing and cheese arranging takes a long time so the bread will rise and you won’t need to let it rise for the second time. And because the weather has been quite hot lately so it rises even faster. You can let it rise again before baking for about 10min if it hasn’t risen enough. I’m going to bake it at 180°C for 15 min. Alter the time and temp depending on your oven. It tastes best when it’s freshly baked and still warm. The cheese is so chewy and cheesy and ughhhh :((

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See? The bread is so soft like, look at the place where I’m holding it. It’s soft and moist and super delicious If you don’t like green onions, you can replace it with culantros (not cilantros) Just watchin the cheese stretching makes me happy :))) It smells so good ever since it was in the oven until it makes its way down your stomach :)) The bread is a bit sweet, soft and chewy and especially smells soooo delicious.

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