How to crochet a 3D spiral shell basket (English version)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to ifoundituseful tutorial. Today we are going to crochet this interesting decorative shell with a hook. It is about 36 cm long.
The widest part is about 18 cm. This tutorial is for those who already know how to crochet and familiar with such basic elements as single and double crochets, increases and decreases. If you do, the tutorial won’t seem difficult. But if you are a newcomer, I would not advise starting with this pattern. It has, in my opinion, average level of complexity, closer to advanced even.

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To make such shell, we’ll need 2 skeins of yarn. I’m using polyester yarn. It is 5 mm wide. Each skein is about 80 meters long. The yarn is rather thin, resembles a shoelace a bit. I’ve chosen purple color. You will also need a crochet hook. I have decided to use a 6 mm hook, but if want your shell to be very thick and hold its shape really well, you might use a 5 mm hook. I also recommend using a stitch marker. It would make your life easier and help navigate within the rows.

First, make a slipknot. Insert the hook, draw the thread and make 6 single crochets. You may stop, once you can have 6 braids like that on top, this is enough for the slipknot. Find a tail, tighten the slipknot and make a circle. Now, we need to join the beginning with the end of the row. We can do it using a standard technique. Slip the hook under both loops of the first stitch and make a slip stitch through the last stitch of the row. Here is our circle. Now, make 3 chain stitches and then let’s move on to single crochets. Yarn over, slip the hook under both loops of the first stitch, draw the yarn, crochet 2 stitches together and then another pair. Yarn over, draw the yarn.


Crochet 2 stitches together, then another 2. Thus, we are crocheting each stitch without increases. In the end, we need this circle to start resembling a small cup. Turn the cup inside out. Here are the chain stitches we’ve made in the beginning. Now, we need to join the firstwith the last stitch again. Slip the hook under both loops of the chain stitch. And join. Pull this loop through the last stitch. We’ve got this cup now. It is made of 6 single crochets and 6 double crochets. Now, let’s start making the whorls of our shell. Let me show you what I am taking about. Here is the cup, that we’ve made. The whorls will be positioned straight across. So, now, we’ll gradually turn and start making these whorls in spiral rounds at right angles. We are going to turn our work gradually and make single crochets back and forth with half-stitches only.


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