Tricks to Charm Anyone Instantly, Even a Prince

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There’s just something so charming about Meghan Markle – she’s captured the whole world’s heart! 😍 So what’s her secret to getting anyone to like her instantly, including a prince! Well, the Duchess of Sussex has some tricks up her sleeve you might not notice at first.

Meghan Markle often touches her hair and you can see it in her photos this soothing gesture helps her calm down when there’s way too much attention around her, another trick she uses is tucking her chin down this creates a sort of shield that protects her etiquette experts claim one of the things that makes people like us is looking approachable carry your handbag in the left hand your right hand should always be ready for a handshake it’s not convenient to have to switch hands at the moment when you need to greet a person.

Another trick to seem more sociable at a party is to always hold a drink this way people will be more likely to come up to you to chat when you enter a party the chances are all eyes will be on you to come across as friendly and accessible slightly widen your eyes and when you’re smiling keep your mouth open a bit that’s what Megan does all the time smiling is important if you want to look cute in photos but even though Megan always smiles she’s constantly making an effort not to do it too widely two big smiles can seem a bit forced and unnatural and don’t look pretty in photos.

One more trick to look good in photos is to relax a few deep breaths are usually enough to relieve tension if you feel a bit awkward and don’t know where to place your hands hold a bag act natural and say, queen another technique is used not only by Megan most psychologists recommend repeating the name of the person you’re talking to there may be hundreds of guests at a party but if you say someone’s name while talking to them it’ll make them feel special to get more people to like you

Try a mirroring technique it’s all about reflecting and repeating the body language of the person you’re chatting with people tend to feel more comfortable when someone copies their gestures just don’t overdo it body language is important for communication and keeping a good posture is one of the key points of etiquette Meghan Markle has an impeccable posture when she walks she holds her chin parallel to the floor

And her shoulders are rolled back all the time when she sits she keeps her legs crossed which is good for keeping a nice posture a good stance is important for great photos to point one leg out and tilt the opposite hip to the side now angle your head a bit down and to the left or right whatever works best for you ta-da you’ve got the stance Megan and many other celebrities use to pose when you choose an outfit for the camera opt for a bright color that will pop in the picture it’ll also help if your clothes accentuate your ways complementing those around you is a good

Way to make people like you and it works better than you might think psychologists claim that everything we say influences the way people perceive us when you give a compliment and say someone’s stunning they subconsciously start thinking that you’re a good person and if you complain about someone not being nice people might conclude that in fact you’re not that great so be careful with your words many people can subconsciously feel the mood of those around them that’s why if you want your friends to feel comfortable when they’re with you try to be cheerful if you send out positive vibes people will instantly like you just because they feel good when you’re around there’s a theory that people judge each other based on two main things warmth and competence if you want people to like you try to show that you’re warm friendly and aren’t going to compete.

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