Homemade Sweet Potato Chips – Sweet Potato Snacks – Easy Recipe

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Sweet Potato Chips 450g sweet potato, slice it thinly. Be careful when using a slicer!! This much thickness After rolling it thicker than your fingers. Fix it with wooden skewers The cut pieces are joined together and rolled up. Even if the sweet potato is small, you can stick it together

Roll it up, Well rolled up, I made 36 Now fry it golden. A lot goes into a small pan. Medium-low heat when frying in a small frying pan. Medium-high heat if you fry a lot in a large pan, Take good care of thorny sweet potatoes, Seeing that the outside was hard, it became crispy. Take it out before it turns dark brown. Remove the skewers from the cold one. Even if you eat it like this, it’s so delicious

  • 3 tbsp of sugar (rice spoons)
  • 3 tbsp of cooking oil (rice spoon)
  • Low heat
  • Doesn’t melt faster than expected
  • Don’t stir, just move the frying pan gently

Turn the stove off when the temperature rises, then turn it on again when the temperature drops. Finally completely melted. Sugar and oil do not mix, so oil is filtered anyway.

  • Put sweet potato
  • Mix quickly
  • Poured on paper foil
  • Drop them one by one so that they do not stick together
  • Sugar syrup hardened while spreading

Black sesame sticks well when you mix sweet potatoes with syrup. I forget, I sow now. Homemade sweet potato snack that’s more pleasant to chew. Really delicious

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