How to make an OCEAN TABLE – Epoxy Resin art

Draw a circle equal to the table size creates a circular frame around any material that is flexible and resistant to adhesion, make a 5mm bottom layer with epoxy shaping the layout of internal details The white powder you see is plaster, or you can replace it with cement. Use spray guns and special colors to coat them.To have a deep and smooth ocean, we need to apply a color coating before epoxy pouring. Use deep and pale blue tones to create depth of the ocean And now let’s add some grass to make the hill more lively Can you hear the sound of waves?

Use quartz sand, for a bright white sandy beach Fix them with a dilute milk glue solution the interesting stage now, please keep your eyes on it. Use a brush to smooth between colour epoxy layers. Note, the closer to the shore the blue will become fading Use heat to remove all air bubbles generated in the color mixing process Use transparent epoxy to create the desired waves Do not use too much white epoxy to create foam, using enough will give the most realistic effect

The heat gun will help us to spread white epoxy to evenly create beautiful wave tails this is my favorite part a few tips in using the model figure we should choose models to figure with standard ratios like 1: 116, 1: 100




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