Crocodile Stitch Handbag Pattern + Tutorial

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Hello Everyone, welcome to my blog this time I will share tutorials on making crocodile stitch crochet handbags by using spiral handles like this, it will be beautiful to use for a party or official event ch, 10sc in every chain ch, turn, 10 sc in every stitch. Need to remember, the chains at the beginning are counted as the first row. This step is for the foundation of the crocodile scale. And do this for a round now we have the foundation, and then we will make crocodile stitch ch1, sc in the space of first v-stitch. Next, do the scale at the next v-stitch do the scale, 5dc, ch1, 5dc. Now, the scale is done Do the scale step to the next v-stitch. Now, the first row of crocodile stitch was done.

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Need to remember, every scales we skip one v-stitch for sc so, not all v-stitch is filled with scales. Now, we will make the foundation for the second row of scales close the round first with a slip stitch. Start the second foundation. The step is the same as the first foundationch3, dc in first st, ch1, 2dc in the middle of the scales ch1, 2dc in v-stitch below. Repeat these steps until the end round. Next, working the scales of round 2  we will do the scales alternately with the bottom row scales the first scale is on the first v-stitch first scale = ch3, 4dc, ch, 5dc, close the scale in next v-stitch with sc  Next scales, 5dc, ch, 5dc, close with sc in next v-stitch — repeat this step until end round, 5dc, ch1, turn to the other side, 5dc sc in next v-stitch round 1 and 2 step scales are the same, only done alternately so, for the following rounds, repeat round 1 and 2 of scales.


The scale of round 3 is the same as round 1. And round 4 is the same as round 2. How to end round 2 or even round between these 2 scales, end with the sl st in the third chain from the first scale after that, continue to make sc in the v-stitch below it for the next round    Next, continue to work the foundation for another scales. End the last round with sl st, So, one scale must have 6 sc. One scale must have 6 sc   So, the sum of sc on the top is the same as the sum of sc on the base each round should not end with sl st, but just continue working on it end the last round. Slip stitch at the last st, not the first st cut the thread, then sew and insert the needle in the first st sew and insert the needle in the first st.

The results will look neater later hide and sew the last thread well, the crochet bag is finished Attach the rings on the bag. Put the handles on how to crochet the spiral rope and how to attach the metal tassel hook is already in the next video tutorial this is an example of adding the lining I’ve covered this linning with sheet foam so that it looks more upright and feels soft when touched. And here it is, the crocodile crochet bag is finished.

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