5 Best Flower Making Ideas by Merry Crafts

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Flowers are one thing that can brighten anyone’s day, and can be given for any occasion. However, cut flowers tend to wilt and lose their beauty very quickly. Fortunately, we’ve scoured the web for great flower craft tutorials for you, from simple to complex tutorials.

These flowers are bound to last forever and leave a lasting impression, with no water needed!

So let’s get started!

1.Amazing Woolen Flower Craft Idea using Fingers – Hand Embroidery Design Trick 

2. Amazing Woolen Flower Idea with Fork – Easy Rose Making – Hand Embroidery Trick – DIY Woolen Flowers

3. Easy Woolen Rose Flower Making Ideas – Amazing Hand Embroidery Design Trick – DIY Woolen Flowers

4.Super Easy Woolen Flower Making for Beginners – Hand Embroidery Amazing Trick – Wool Thread Design


5.Amazing Woolen Flower Craft Ideas with Cotton buds – Easy Rose Making – Hand Embroidery Design Trick

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