Rainbow of Unity Free Crochet Pattern

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The Rainbow of unity represents us all coming together at a time of need. Hang it in your window to help lift people’s spirits and brighten everyone’s day 😊 Fun and colourful, the rainbow is easy and quick to make by using 2 strands of DK (USA light worsted) yarn, held together, and worked as one strand. Cute colourful pom-poms add the finishing touch! The perfect pattern for the crochet beginner and the more advanced crocheter alike. The rainbow is made double thickness by folding a crocheted circle in half, making it strong and durable and having the advantage of looking great from both sides.

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A fabulous little rainbow 😊 My beautiful step by step tutorial will take you through each stage from start to finish!

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I have used 2 strands of DK weight yarn (USA light worsted), held together and worked as one. Most similar weight yarns may be used for this pattern. Stylecraft Special DK – in colour order of use – 1. Fondant 2. Wisteria purple 3. Aster blue 4. Grass green 5. Citron yellow 6. Shrimp orange 7. Lipstick red. Crochet Hooks: (6mm, 7mm) (USA K/10½, J/10). Darning needle, scissors. Approx size – My rainbow circle measures 9½” diameter. If your tension is loose, use a hook one size smaller, or if your tension is tight, go up a hook size

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Stitch Guide
Double crochet (Dc): Yarn over hook, insert hook in stitch, yarn over hook, pull up loop, yarn over hook, draw through two loops, yarn over hook, draw through remaining two loops on hook.

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Joining of a new color There are various ways to join a new color, in this pattern the new color has been tied to the previous color: Cut yarn, leaving a 4” tail, draw up hook pulling out yarn end from loop (pic 5), tie on new colour, close to work, insert hook into 1 st st (pic 6), pull up new yarn to
begin. Working with two strands together Use one end from the outside of the yarn ball and one end from the inside of the yarn ball at the same time, hold them together and crochet as usual, remember to untwist the two yarns occasionally so as not to get in a twisted muddle! Alternatively, separate the yarn ball into two separate balls and work with 2 balls at the same time 😊

Colour order Refer to color order above and the photos, or choose your own color order. Attaching the pom-pom Lay the pom-poms along the bottom of the rainbow at equal distances apart, using the 2 long ends, threaded onto a darning needle, take yarn ends through a st along the bottom edge, take the yarn ends through the centre of the pom-pom, back and forth a couple of times until secure, cut ends level with pom-pom.
Read through pattern thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the instructions.


CREDIT: https://www.kerryjaynedesigns.com/

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