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Hello everyone! In this post I will show you how to sew such a cute backpack with weaving elements from old jeans. So let’s get started! I took old, unnecessary jeans and for starters, we will cut one le.g to the pocket. Next, we cut this pant le.g along the inner seam I iron it so that it is more convenient to sew further and cut the seams from the bottom and the side Then fold it in half – this will be the height of our backpack And cut it – this will be the bottom This detail will serve as the back wall of the backpack, align it The front of the backpack at we will be a few centimeters wider.


I leave about two centimeters on each side. Due to the fact that we will cut it and sew a pocket in there, this is how I fold it in half. From the center, I put aside 10 centimeters and cut the front of our future backpack into three parts Here so: the central part and two side ones In the central part we will sew a pocket Next we cut off the second le.g as follows

Capture 4

We cut the front part of the as high as possible to the upper pockets in order to use more fabric, more material Cut the back to the pocket From the upper part of the leg we cut out the valve Dimensions I indicated on the video You can build it yourself We make allowances for 1 s A meter from the sides and bottom and 2 centimeters on top of the valve And from the rest of the leg we will cut out the straps for the backpack I cut off the extra seams, straightened out the part And measured 8 by 69 centimeters – two straps Done! Continue with video tutorial

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