Granny square African flower – Free Crochet Tutorial

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Granny square African flower. Hello everyone, in the tutorial today we do the granny square African flower. I show you this version, but there are many others I’ve seen some of them and this is the one I liked the most and modified it for us you can make the square like this you make a lot of them and join them together alternatively in the tutorial I give you 2 methods to enlarge the square these are the 2 options I give you in this case we make rounds of dc by weaving 1 stitch in each stitch and in this case using the granny technique in this tutorial I don’t show you how to join squares because I want to make a specific tutorial for this in which you show each other ways to sew squares.

In this tutorial we see how to make the square with the African flower and the 2 versions to enlarge it.  I would like to make a nice blanket but we’ll see if I have time to make it but if I do, I promise I’ll show it to you and you do the same, as you know I love to see your works you can share them with me by tagging me in facebook.

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Let me know which square you like best and how you will use these beautiful squares many of you have asked me to do this tutorial and I am happy to have satisfied you I hope you like this crochet square and that you use it in many projects I can’t wait to see your works


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