Vanilla Chocolate Eclair Recipe

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Hey hey everyone :)) It’s me Again :))  we’ll be making a really delicious dish today. We all know and love cream puffs, but you probably have never made it yourself :))   Especially the cream stuffing of the cream puffs. It’s super creamy and soft I’ll start with making the filling first. (IF YOU NEED VIDEO TUTORIAL FIND IT AT THE END OF POST)

Separate 3 egg yolks into a bowl with 20g of corn starch. Add in 50g of sugar, if you have an extra sweet tooth, you can add 5-10g more. I prefer it being adequately sweet Mix it until it’s all dissolved and smooth and it starts to turn into a light shade of yellow. Next, I’ll put in 250ml of unsweetened milk into a pot. Additionally, pour in 100g of whipping cream for the filling to have a fat and creamy taste. If you don’t have that, you can use the unsweetened milk to replace it

If you do replace the whipping cream with milk, add 30g of unsalted butter for the creaminess. This is still optional for the broke college students out there :)) Take her to the stove and start boiling it at medium heat until you see small bubbles appearing (not until it’s fully boiling) Turn off the stove and start pouring it in your egg mixture SLOWLY, or else the egg will cook and you’ll make a weird omelet, which is highly likely since you’re so impatient :)) Mix it while you pour it in slowly just like this. Also, do it gently since your clumsy self will get burnt by the milk splashing and I’ll be sad:)))) And then bring her back to the stove again for boiling round 2

  • Only turn on the stove at low heat
  • And remember to constantly whisk the mixture to avoid burning it. Idk if you know this since you’re kinda dumb, a whisk is best for whisking, so use that instead :))
  • Whisk it and turn off the stove until it has become denser and is boiling
  • Pour into the mixture a tsp of vanilla extract and mix it for the last time
  • After that, throw your newborn cream filling to the orphanage- :)) I mean the fridge only for about 2 hours since it tastes better when it’s cold
  • The amount of corn starch in this recipe is enough for the filling to be both soft and firm enough so that it tastes way creamier and better
  • Now we move onto the husk for our cream filling to reside in, the choux :)) (outside bread thing) Firstly, pour 130ml of water into a pot
  • Add in 50g of butter and ¼tsp of salt. You can also add in 1 more tsp of sugar

I will add in a little bit more of salt in there so the choux can have a saltier taste which is a match made in heaven with the sweetness of the cream. You can test it for yourself :))

  • Boil it until the butter is all melted and the mixture is boiling. As soon as it fully boils, turn off the stove and don’t let it boil for too long
  • And then add 70g of all-purpose flour into the hot mixture. Use a spatula to mix it until the flour soaks in all the water
  • It’s gotta be smooth and there can’t be any dry flour clumps left, got it? :))
  • After that, I’ll take her back to the stove for the hundredth time and turn it on low heat :))
  • Mix it constantly for about 90-120sec. This step will ensure that the dough “cooks” and rises later, and don’t cook it for too long or the choux will become dry
  • Now let the dough rest and cool down for 10-15min

This dish isn’t easy or hard to make. it just takes a couple of tries to nail it down. At that point, it’s pretty hard to mess it up… for you guys, I’m not too sure about that :))) The other crucial part of this dish is how wet it is. After the choux has cooled down, I’ll add in 100g of eggs (no shell included) with each eggs weighing about 55-60g (shell included) Usually, people are afraid of making the mixture too wet so they usually crack the eggs into a separate bowl and add it in slowly until they get to the perfect consistency

The eggs refuse to dissolve into the mixture :)) Just like y’all and your crush, never getting along and definitely not a match made in heaven 🙁 Even a clump of flour have a better game than y’all :)) It just takes time for them both to work it out :))) The dough will be a bit dense. When you pick up a stick from the bowl, it will drip down in clumps or just like in the video. It’ll be okay when you get used to it In my opinion, the dough being a little wet or dry will still be okay. It will still rise in the oven later so stop worrying your little brains off and follow my instructions :))

Now stuff the dough into a piping bag, you can use any types of tips you want and pipe it onto some baking papers on a baking tray. If the dough comes out a bit deformed, you can dip your hand in the water and shape it gently back to the way you want (the water prevents sticking) Remember to prep your oven first for 15min beforehand. Then put your tray into the oven at 190-200°C for 25-30min (depends on your oven) Look how similar you before and after the holiday seasons are to the choux in the oven :)) Stuff yourself with food and sweets and now you look like a choux pastry :))) High temperature (190-200°C, depends on the oven) is very important for the dough to rise, or else it won’t rise and fail 🙁 The choux will puff up and turn a golden brown color and it will be hollow inside (there will be some thin layers of flour but it’s not important)

After that, I’ll make a hole at the flat side of the choux and stuff the cream into it. You can use a knife or a straw to make the hole, just don’t make it too large All we gotta do now is pipe the cooled filling into the choux Now, we’ll move onto making the chocolate drip for the choux B) You can skip this part if you don’t like more work, you lazybones :)) I’m going to use 50g of dark choco and 50g of boiled whipping cream (you can microwave it if you’re not even bothered) Mix it until it’s all melted. Your end result will be a smooth, creamy and t h i c c choco texture Now dip your cream puffs into the choco sauce so it looks legit.

Remember to let the excess choco to drip down so it won’t become a mess later

Se the Video Tutorial

Tadaaaaa~ It’s all done 🙂

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