Learn the Tunisian Crochet Smock Stitch Yes, it’s crochet!

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Welcome to ifoundituseful today we’ll be learning the absolutely beautiful and deceptively easy Tunisian smock stitch so if you’ve never seen it before welcome to the Tunisian smock stitch I absolutely adore this stitch it came into my life not too long ago and I’m super excited to bring you this tutorial on exactly how to use it I am going to be going through this tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of Tunisian crochet already. I found out about this not long ago maybe just a couple of weeks before I decided to do this tutorial I found it on Facebook I saw this woman who did not speak English make this absolutely beautiful pillow and I loved it.

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I was like I need to figure out what this is coincidentally two other people from Facebook contacted me via tal yarn crafts and said do you know this can you do a tutorial on this I absolutely love this stitch this is beautiful but the videos I found on YouTube are really hard to understand or they’re incomplete whereas they don’t tell you how many to the chain at first how to bind off but the beginning of the world looks like as opposed to the end so I wanted to do a full tutorial so you can see from beginning to end how to make this gorgeous smock stitch some features of the fabric that you’ll come to understand when you do it is this is a fairly thick fabric Tunisian crochet just ends up being that way just the way that it’s worked it does use a good amount of yarn so you’ll want to be prepared for that.

But if you look at it the definition is uncanny and when you’re actually working the stitch you’ll be able to see what parts of the actual process make it so it looks how it does so your forward pass is what creates these little V’s that you have and then your return pass is what creates the fabric that’s behind the V’s so that that fabric being behind the V’s is really what makes it stand out because you’ve got the same color you know yarn behind it but you’ve got this gorgeous kind of it’s really considered smock sitting on the front smock stitch comes from a similar technique or at least a technique in sewing that creates something that looks similar to this so you can search smocking and the images.

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Actually is and this stitch kind of mimics that there’s another stitch in knitting that looks like this so again you’ve got a stitch in crochet that looks a lot like knitting which I absolutely love and another thing that I absolutely love about this stitch is it creates a little to no curling I had a little bit here because I always tend to tighten my very first stitch so I don’t get loose edges so it curls a little bit on this site but if you look on the rest of the fabric here it’s not curling and this is completely unblocked so this is just kind of a quick swatch that I made to show you what the smock stitch looks like so let’s go ahead and jump in we’ll start by looking at our materials for today’s tutorial I picked some of my favorite items to use first for the yarn

I used brun.ette maker home Dec I want to spend send a special thank you to my friends at yarns for Asians for providing this yarn today so a little bit about brunette maker home Dec this is a cotton-nylon blend it’s 72 percent cotton 28 percent nylon so the cotton gives it some really good integrity it makes it really easy for washing it makes it super soft the nylon kinda makes it indestructible and then together these create a really gorgeous yarn because the way that it’s created it’s kind of like this chain it so it’s got a lot of really good definition I would compare this to like a t-shirt yarn the nice thing about this is it is only a level-five bulky yarn so it’s not quite as heavy as t-shirt yarn but you get a lot of the same effect

Also, this is a gigantic ball of yarn it’s got 317 yards so you can make a lot of everything with it I think the example of this pillow on the front really helps kind of drive the point home that this is wonderful for home decor projects so I picked home deck specifically because it’s really gonna make the definition in the smock stitch stand out and I just think it looks absolutely gorgeous



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