SUMMER DRESS TRY ON HAUL (also some winter clothes lol)

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Hello my friends i’m doing a try on haul i will give you a small snippet oh the first outfit oh just a little hook like shining also please ignore my disgusting nails i know they need me painting but i can’t be bothered so here is the first outfit and this is my favorite of the bunch so i thought i would just start with my favorite thing i really like this dress i think it is super super cute and very beautiful the pattern is kind of like little flowers and it’s like red in the middle which is very nice and it’s kind of a bit baggy on me i will say that that’s kind of like the downside i would probably say this is like oh the bomb is so nicer you know it really makes you want to do a bit of a oh not my lungs her but yes i think this is very cute i would say the one issue is i’m probably about a size eight i think this is realistically like i

Ordered a small like the smaller size They had and i would probably say this is still a size 10 like it’s a little a little big on me if you’re a size 10 this would fit perfectly and it would look amazing because it’s very cute i also really like the sleeves they have like a little detail which i approve of i think it is very cute so i will now show you the next outfit which is my second favorite i’m kind of going in order and while i try on this outfit i will tell you about my quandary because i’m having a quandary.


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