Beautiful Soft and Fluffy Red Velvet Cake Recipe

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Today I will make a beautiful red velvet cake. I made a beautiful red velvet cake in a simpler and easier way. I made it from the existing too brittle texture to a more elastic and soft cake texture. I want to say that it is a very soft and fluffy cake. The ingredients are also relatively simple.. Today I made it using red rice flour. I was able to create a beautiful red color even with a significantly smaller amount of pigment in the existing recipe.

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  • Temperature of egg mixture: 38C~42C (100.4F ~ 107.6F)
  • Prepare milk and butter warm. Whips at high speed.
  • Whisk for 2-3 minutes at low speed.
  • Add the powder after dividing it into two parts
  • For recipes without red rice flour, see the description box.
  • Milk temperature: 50C~55C (122F~131F)
  • Mix immediately so that the milk does not sink.
  • Add the remaining powder.
  • Butter temperature: 55C~60C (131F~140F)
  • After preheating to 175C (347F)
    Bake at 165C (329F) for 25~27 minutes.

Shock as soon as you get out of the oven. Let it cool. Cut it into 3 pieces. It’s really soft and fluffy. The color is also very beautiful. Cream Cheese Frosting box for syrup.

  • Apply a thin layer of cream.
  • Fridge for 2~3 hours.
  • Beautiful Red Mirror Glaze
  • Syrup temperature: 103C (217.4F) Celsius

It can be replaced with dark chocolate. This lovely red velvet cake is complete. Thanks for watching.



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