How to Crochet an Amigurumi Bear (Gift for Valentine’s Day)

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Hello everyone, in today’s tutorial we make this sweet amigurumi bear this is the project I thought of this year for Valentine’s Day in this tutorial I show you how to make the teddy bear and how to sew the pieces together and in the next tutorial I show you how to make the heart I imagined the bear clinging to the heart but of course you can use the pattern of the bear even without a heart and sew it normally with the head straight if you want you can also use this teddy bear pattern to make a gift for Valentine’s Day with the mini amigurumi heart.


I use a 2,5mm crochet hook but to make amigurumi you can use any yarn you like and the right crochet hook for that yarn for amigurumi, normally, a crochet hook of about one size less than the one recommended by the yarn is used in addition to yarn and crochet we need: pins, wagging a wool needle, a scissors and 2 safety eyes alternatively you can use 2 beads or embroider them if you want to use it as a keychain or to hang it as I have shown you many times, I have inserted a chain between the stitches and I added the keyring but you can make a chain buttonhole with the yarn and insert it into the keyring and now let’s start the tutorial




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