Tiny Window Cat – Free Knitting Pattern

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Tiny Window Cat Pattern Materials Required:

Sport weight yarn – 20 yards, Size US 1 double pointed needles, Darning needle, Stuffing, Thread or embroidery floss for face, Abbreviations CO cast on, dpn double pointed needle, K knit, P purl, st stitch, sts stitches, M1 make one stitch (see special note below), K2tog knit two stitches together, SSK slip two sts K-wise, place them back onto left dpn, then K them tog through back loop, PU pick up (create) a new stitch from existing work, X number of times to work the instruction in parenthesis

Special Notes  M1 = make one stitch: Lift the right “leg” of the next stitch (the right side of the stitch directly below the next stitch on your left needle), place it on the left needle, then knit it as you would any other stitch. Metal needles are recommended for this project. You’ll be pulling the sts tightly, and it’s easy for wooden needles to break.Body, Neck and Head. Work begins at the bottom. CO 28 sts onto 3 dpns, join in the round, and K all sts for 1¼ inch. Then work the following rounds: 1) (K2tog) 2X, K20, (SSK) 2X (24 sts), 2) K all sts, 3) (K2tog) 2X, K16, (SSK) 2X (20 sts), 4) K all sts , 5) (K2tog) 2X, K12, (SSK) 2X (16 sts), 6) K all sts, 7) K2tog, K12, SSK (14 sts), 8) K all sts, 9) K5, SSK, K2tog, K5 (12 sts), 10) (M1, K5, M1, K1) 2X (16 sts) , (11) K all sts, (12) (M1, K7, M1, K1) 2X (20 sts), 13) K all sts, 14) K all sts, 15) (K2tog, K5, SSK, K1) 2X (16 sts), 16) K all sts

Ears – The ears of your cat are each shaped from 6 sts. There are 4 sts between the two ears – 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Slip the first 3 sts in the round onto a dpn without knitting them. Slip next 10 sts onto a piece of scrap yarn for working later. 6 sts remain on two dpns. Move some of them to a third dpn, and join in the round. Work the rounds below to shape the first ear:, 1) K all sts, 2) K all sts, 3) (K2tog) 3X (3 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a tail of about 12 inches. Thread through remaining 3 sts and pull closed. Weave the loose end down the side of the ear, and slip the first two sts from the scrap yarn onto it. These 2 sts will form the area between the ears at the front of the head. You’re now ready to work the second ear. Arrange the next 6 sts from the scrap yarn onto 3 dpns. Join in the round, and repeat rounds 1-3 above using the tail from the first ear. Weave the loose end down side of ear, and thread through the last 2 sts from scrap yarn. These 2 sts will form the area between the ears at the back of the head.
Pull the center sts closed; weave in loose ends or simply run them down through the body of the cat. Seam small holes at base of ears.

Base of Cat – With the inside of your cat facing you, PU 28 sts in the original CO sts. This will create a round of purl stitches on the right side. This round of purls will help to differentiate the body from the base of the cat and stabilize it when standing. Then work the rounds below:, 1) (K2, K2tog) 7X (21 sts), 2) K all sts, 3) (K1, K2tog) 7X (14 sts), This is a good time to stuff your cat, if you haven’t already. 4) K all sts, 5) (K2tog) 7X (7 sts) Cut yarn, thread through remaining live sts and pull closed. Weave in loose end.

Tail – The tail of your cat can be worked either as an icord or in the round. CO 6 sts all on one dpn, or onto 3, dpns depending on which way you choose to do it., Knit all sts until your tail is 2½ long, then work the 2 rounds below: 1) (K2tog) 3X (3 sts), 2) K all sts Cut yarn, thread through remaining live sts, and pull closed. Seam the CO end to the side of your cat that has the decreases, beginning at the base. The tail can also be tacked to the side of your cat about half way up to create a curve.


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