How To Crochet A Cute Mini Slipper Keychain

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Hi everyone, in today’s tutorial we make together this little crochet slipper, I have made a key ring but we could use it in many other ways using a thinner yarn we could make earrings for the summer, or we could use it as a pendant for a simple summer necklace even for a child last year I made the tutorial of the flip-flops, which you liked so much so this year I thought to make this slipper to increase our collection. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start we will need thin cotton yarn, a 1.5mm or 2mm hook, a wool needle, scissors, a key ring, and 2 pliers.

1 14

Let’s start from the sole creates an initial knot chain 11we begin to work from the second chain from the hook and we will work in the thread we find behind the chains Round 1: 1inc of sc…(if you are not comfortable working in the wire behind the chains, work as you are used to)…4sc, 4hdc…in the last chain work 5dc…4hdc, 4sc, 1inc of sc if you want to hide the yarn tail in the stitches4hdc, 4sc, 1inc of sc close the round with an ss in the first sc of the round so the first round ends chain 1 and turn the working the second round all stitches will be hdc and we start working from the second stitch Round 2: 2inc of hdc…8 hdc, 5 inc of hdc…8 hdc, 2inc of hdc close the round with an ss in the first sc of the round and the first sole is already ready.

2 11

When we work the first one we work another and the same one in the sole that remains above, after having worked the first 2 turns, work 6 chains turn the work and ss at the base of the chains work chain 1, and cut the yarn to make the strings we take the sole that will remain on it and we prepare an initial knot with the yarn of the other color to understand where to start with the strings we count 11 stitches from the start of the second round in the eleventh stitch we insert with the hook we go out in the next stitch and make a ss in this way we hooked the yarn chain 8and insert the hook at the same stitch on the other side we count 11 stitches and hook the yarn as before with a ss we work 8 chains and pass on the other side starting from the stitch where we had hooked the yarn before, and coming out from the next, we work a ss and we continue “back and forth” for 3 or 4 times now that we have created 4 strings work chain 3…2sc

Wrapping all strings in the work and pulling the yarn well chain 3 and a ss as we learned if you want bigger strings, work 2 rounds of  chains extra before the lap with the sc worked the lap that combines the strings chain 1 and cut the yarn and with the hook, we bring the yarns on the back of the sole take the sole that will go under and make up the slipper we place above the sole with the strings we extract the hook and we enter in the same stitch of the sole above take the same point both above and below and we take the yarn we work a round of ss to join the 2 sole stake the whole chain above and the whole chain below and we work this way all the way around hide all the yarns inside the slipper and when you get to the strings, keep working normally take the whole chain above and the whole chain below before working the last stitch,

5 4

We cut the yarn we extract the hook put the yarn in a woolen needle and we create the invisible closure pass the yarn inside the whole chain of the first ss and back down to the middle of the chain of the last ss and we go out with the yarn on the back in this way we create an additional chain and the closure is not seen ;-)on the back we take a yarn inside the work and create a knot and we hide the yarn through the soles in the same way we hide the other yarn and cut the yarn to make it become a key ring take the keyring and with the pliers open the last element of the chain insert the buttonhole of 6 chains that we had created on the sole and we close the element of the chain and our new keychain is ready! :-)now let us fly our imagination and make it all the colors for the strings of this slipper I used a multicolored yarn and this is the result this is the comparison with the flip-flops we had last year and that you liked so much which one do you like best? also for today, we have finished, I hope you like this new key chain I hope it will be useful for the summer, that you make so many and all the colors 😉

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