Easy Breezy Super Chunky Beanie – Crochet Beanie Tutorial

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Hi friends in today’s post we will be making the easy-breezy super chunky beanie this is another addition to my easy breezy beanie design collection and this one uses a super bulky six weight yarn to create a super thick and warm beanie on the size chart you’ll want to find the size you want to make the number of chains and stitches you’ll need for the length hand how many rows you’ll need to work to get the right circumference for your beanie this is a fold-over beanie in the brim is about two to three inches be sure to check the pattern to ensure your beanie comes out just the right size the best part about this pattern is you can adjust the number of chains and rows to make the sizing just right for you for supplies you’ll need a super bulky six weight yarn. I’ll be using lion brand yarn wool ease thick and quick you’ll also need a nine millimeter or n hook a yarn needle and scissors.

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If you’re ready to get started let’s grab our supplies and let’s get making we’re going to start with our foundation chain so begin with a slip knot then chain as many as your size calls floor I am making the teen slash a.dult small size so I will be chaining 24.

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When you complete all your chains we will start row one by working a half double crochet into the second chain from the hook then half double crochet into each chain across the number of stitches you have at the end of the row will be one less than the number of chains you worked so i had 24chains

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and now my stitch count is at 23 at the end of row one at the end of the row chain one and turn now we’re on to row two and for each row on we will be working in the back loop only so when you look at the top of a stitch the loop closest to you is the front loop and the one furthest from you is the back loop so we are going to half double crochet in the back loop only in each stitch across at the end of the row chain one and turn and now for rows three.

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and on we’ll just repeat row two so half double crochet in the back loop only in each stitch across and chain one and turn at the end of the row so repeat row two until you reach the amount of rows needed for your size and then I’ll catch up with you guys when i reach the last row and I’ll show you how to finish up your beanie so I just finished my final row and this is what it’s looking like so far so now we’re going to finish up our beanie by seaming up the side so I’m going to chain one and then bring the two short ends together so fold your beanie in half bringing the two short sides together now working in the front loop of the last row we worked and our starting chain

we’re going to slip stitch the two sides together so you’re going to work a slip stitch in each stitch all the way up working in the front loop of the last row you worked and the starting chain so you want to make sure you’re working in both sides and slip stitch all the way up when you reach the end chain one and cut off your yarn leaving about a 20-inch long tail using your yarn needle weave the tail end in and out around the top of the beanie working in every row to second row all the way around the top when you get back to the beginning pull tight to close up the top and secure with a few knots once your top is secured you can weave in all of your ends flip the beanie right side out and then fold up the brim two to three inches and then you are all done your easy-breezy super chunky beanie.


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