Easiest way to crochet the MAGIC RING – Wrap round one finger

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The magic ring or Magic Circle is one of the easiest and handiest tips in crochet. Such a quick way to start crochet. However, I often hear people saying that they find it difficult or that it comes loose afterward but that is because they make it in an unnecessarily complicated way or don’t secure it properly at the end. All you really need to do is wrap yarn around your index finger. Let’s see how! So, hold on to your yarn, leave a bit of a tail and wrap the yarn around your index finger once, like this here. Then you can hold on to the other end with your fingers, take your hook and insert it into that there ring you made, take the yarn and create a stitch and I always first make one chain.

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Here, one tight chain. Then just take it out of your finger and now we start working on the first round whatever it is that you need to make. I first chain two and that will count as the first double crochet and then I’ll make 11 double crochets into the ring, so you start crocheting into the ring, always your hook into the ring, whatever it is you need for your first round. There, I have my stitches and then take hold of the yarn end and pull and tighten. Now, it depends on what you are making how tight you need to make it if you need to close it entirely or leave a bit of a hole. I’ll close it now. There and then I’m closing my round with a slip stitch and continuing with whatever it is I need for the next round.

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But now we come to the point that we need to make sure that this does not come apart so you can’t just cut it up, otherwise it will come out. Normally I’d weave the tail in after I have done a bit more but I’ll do it here now, I pull the stitch a bit so it doesn’t get loose and then take a needle. What I normally do I first go through some of the stitches just like this here, there, and then come back. I skip over one of the yarns here and still pass it to the opposite direction once and that should be enough to keep it from unraveling.

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So now I’m able to cut it and then I just continue. And that’s it, something really handy to use on projects where you crochet round.


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