Long-awaited calves stretching video, I am so excited for you guys to try this one if you are willing to try it don’t forget to comment down below, and don’t forget that your calves are usually more developed when your other muscles that should be used to sustain your body like your thigh muscles your bo.oty muscles are not as developed so you want to make sure you work on those areas in order to not use your cows without further ado Let’s get started cows are developed due to poor blood circulation from standing all day that is why just by lifting your legs you can get your blood to circulate back to your body and can reduce the swelling so stay in this position you can see your calves getting slimmer so let’s start the workout

We’re going to do five slow or seven fast reps for each move the first move, is a point and flex you’re going to point your foot and then, flex your foot slowly and let me tell you it’s gonna hurt if this is your first time but that tells you that you need to stretch even more now rotate your foot five times in both ways, then bring your leg so you can massage it downwards and you can bend your knees if you’re not flexible

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Here we’re trying to bring the blood circulation down to our body this will help reduce the sides of your calves now repeat for the other leg point and flex now rotate it five times to the right and then five times to the left now bring your leg and massage it downwards this is literally going to feel so good afterward

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Okay now get on the floor and we are going to be stretching our legs and cows this is the one side leg stretch and your foot should be flexed now the other side once again your foot should be flexed so you could really feel it in your cowl alrighty our next move now we’re going to just stretch our foot like so stretch it pointy and then flex it now for the other leg once again bring your leg up to the front pointy and then flex keep repeating a few more times you’re almost done good job guys this is literally my secret tip for slim cows i just stay in this position all day and watch netflix.

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