Mozzarella Onion Rings

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Hey hey hey everyonee! I was supposed to post this vid yesterday right after filming it, but I was tired so here we are :)) Forgive me :))) This dish is super easy to make and is also very delicious 🙂 For me, everything with cheese is tasty lol First, we need 70-100g of mozzarella, depending on the amount of cheese y’all can eat We people with tummy rolls can’t eat much :’) We can’t add another tummy roll into the collection :))) Put it aside after slicin’ it up. (Video Tutorial at the end)

Next, we gotta chop up the onions. You need 1-2 onions (listen to the satisfying sound of him massacring the onions)

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Don’t mind the lewd Pikachu staring you and keep on peeling the onions, y’all :)) After all that hard work, IT’S EXECUTION TIME!! Chop off the blackened’s head and butt 🙂 (Please get the reference or I’m gonna cry) Then, slice the onions into slices 1.5-2cm in thickness 🙂 Separate each onion rings out Choose the rings with the width difference of 0.3-0.5 cm (this is for the cheese)

Next, just put the cheese inside the gaps

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Don’t make the gaps too big or the cheese will slip out when you dip it in bread crumbs. The next step is to take out 3 bowls and put in 50g of flour in one of them (any flour is fine), The second bowl is for 100g of bread crumbs (choose a wide bowl for this or even a plate) For the last bowl, choose one that’s slightly bigger than the onion rings, Crack in 2 eggs into the bowl, and be sure don’t fail at the simple task of cracking an egg please :)))

All you need to do now is to whisk the eggs awayyy Now take all of those soon-to-be-onion-rings out, and roll them in the flour and then the eggs

And then after those 2, into bread crumbs they go

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When you’re doing this, don’t be afraid to use your hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and push the bread crumbs to stick to the onions Coat them with another layer of eggs (do this quickly) and then another layer of bread crumbs so that the cheese won’t leak while frying

Do this repeatedly until the bread crumbs layer is t h i c c enough. Remember to apply some pressure for it to stick. It looks so good 🤤 the bread crumbs will never be too thick so don’t worryyyy

If y’all put on some weights, just blame it on good ol’ me :))) Fill the pan with oil and let her boil. When the oil is hot, throw in the delicious onion rings (please don’t actually throw it in or you’ll be burnt :’D)

Leave it in for 2-3 minutes

5 2

If the oil is either not hot enough or it is left on low temperature for a long time, the cheese will start leaking out When the time comes, I won’t be responsible okay? >:( Don’t ask me why you don’t have the Nagito Komaeda luck when your face is burnt by the piping hot oil :))

Take it out when it’s golden brown like mine or a slightly lighter color Hehehe it was me who made these delicious looking onion rings :))) Adore me . For the show, I’ll cut this onion ring in half 🙂 Ughhh look at that hot mouth-watering cheeseeee. It’s sooo stretchy and smells so goooooddddd Oh my god, I’m still drooling while editing this :'( The outer layer is c r o n c h y and the onions inside are cooked thoroughly so it’s not yucky 🙂 Plus the fatty and cheesy cheese layer :)) (ah yes the floor here is made out of floor) It’s seriously so good

It just turned autumn so these dishes make my tummy rolls collection filled with euphoria :))

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