Soft and fluffy homemade donut recipe

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Hello everyone, this time I will make a soft and fluffy donut, the ingredients are so simple that anyone can make them.

250 grams all-purpose flour (medium protein)

4 grams instant yeast

Mix well

30 grams sugar

7 grams milk powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

stir until well blended

1 egg yolk

140 grams cold liquid milk

stir until well blended

knead until half smooth

30 grams butter

knead until smooth for 10-12 minutes

divide into 12 parts / 40 grams 1 piece

round the dough

cover leave for 15 minutes

put it in the flour so it doesn’t stick

cover wait up to twice the size (30-40 minutes)

heat the oil

fry using low heat

After it’s been like this turn it over

wait for 3-4 minutes

fine granulated sugar

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